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Discover the secret possibilities of divining 

Peter Schneider and Erich Schuck


 Archeological projects:

The Jonastal Project

The Castel Rodenstein Project  


Peter Schneider und
Erich Schuck
Oberer Schlipfweg 16
 D-79576 Weil am Rhein
Tel.: +49 (0) 7621-161930
Fax:+49 (0) 7621-161932




The use of divining techniques in the field of exploration is our specialty. We have unique know-how and extensive experience in this area.

SSP-EXPLORATION searches and finds:

subterrenean hollow spaces 
ore and mineral deposits (i.e. Gold, Silver)
groundwater resources 

Our work combines conventional (i.e. geophysical measurements) and unconventional (dowsing) exploration - techniques in order to to create an integral whole. 

Although conventional techniques offer a rich choice of prospecting methods, most of these applications cannot be pursued to the desired extent. In most cases they turn out to be too time consuming and too costly. Often those methods are inadequate to guarantee a high rate of success at reasonable costs.  

In the case of a search for subterranean hollow spaces (i.e. caves, tunnels, rooms, cellars) most of those  searches are left undone because from the beginnimg on they are assessed as not realisable.

In the case of groundwater search it is just taken as "normal"  that classic methods show a considerable rate of useless and dry drillings. I

SSP-EXPLORATION can change that.  It is advisable to use  a l l  available techniques with respect to their potential. Dowsing in addition to historical data  and geophysical measurements can diminish the risks of failure of a project dramatically. 



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